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James Ogden

James Ogden Early retirement has afforded James Ogden time to do things he has put off for more than 25 years while pursuing careers in theatre education, travel and public relations. Now, at age 59, between garden and greenhouse, he spends a lot of time with a laptop — and a cat in his lap — working through a file of ideas collected through the years, his travels and relationships.

Grad school at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in the early 70s included playwriting classes with Joseph Baldwin. Ogden taught and directed theatre and puppetry at Tarsus American College in Tarsus, Turkey, for three years and was the entire theatre department at Westside High School in Omaha for four years. His love of travel led to a new career in travel marketing and public relations — including 15 years of writing and publishing an award-winning travel newsletter for one of his clients.

Ogden studied puppetry with master puppeteer and mentor Lee Ridge and directed family theatre productions for her at the Lincoln Community Playhouse in the mid-70s. One of his goals is to collaborate on a musical.