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Lou Leviticus

Lou Leviticus was born on July 4 in Aalten, a small town in the eastern Netherlands but actually lived and went to school in Amsterdam. He survived WWII, worked in many places (France, Israel, Africa) and studied at the famous Israel Institute of Technology (The Technion). He did his doctorate at Purdue University and worked for Stevens Institute of Technology on projects for the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA. Leviticus came to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in April 1975 as associate professor of agricultural engineering and director of the renowned Nebraska tractor testing laboratory. He retired on January 1, 1998, and has been employed as a curator at the Larsen Museum on the east campus where he works half days. Leviticus wrote an autobiography of his early years under the name Ben Wajikra called Tales from the Milestone ( available from Lee Booksellers) and translated a play from Dutch (The Train) that has had 19 performances in Nebraska under the direction of Judy Hart and the auspices of the Lied Center. The rest of his time is spent in giving presentations, mainly at schools, in which he tells his story and touches upon tolerance, discrimination, bullying and self-worth. He is also, at the request of many, working on a follow up biography, which he hopes to finish this century.