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M. Nord Mistrall

M Nord Mistrall M. Nord Mistrall was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He says he appears to have been a happy baby — judging from a picture that was taken of him with his mother. He graduated (not with the highest grades) from high school in Cherokee, Iowa. That summer, Mistrall worked as a welder and then hitchhiked to Maine where he did a bit of sailing. He took a bus back to Iowa where he attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and promptly got put on scholastic probation. After loading trucks, Mistrall went on a canoe trip in Minnesota. Then he started college again at Morningside in Sioux City where he graduated with a B.A. in English. Mistrall has been a lawnboy, gravedigger, dishwasher, waiter, bellboy and actor. He has written what he thinks are some good poems, had a variety of experiences without getting too damaged and known quite a few interesting people.