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Max Sparber

Max Sparber Max Sparber is a writer and playwright currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sparber was a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, for six years, and has been a long-time collaborator with Omaha's Blue Barn Theatre. It was the Blue Barn that produced Sparber's first play, Minstrel Show; Or, The Lynching of William Brown, in 1998. Since that initial production, Minstrel Show has enjoyed dozens of additional productions throughout the United States, including two in New York.

Sparber is also the author of numerous additional plays, many of which can be downloaded, in PDF form, from his Web page at These include Cruelties, a play inspired by the life and death of author Truman Capote, and Chelsea (from a to b and back again), based on two years in the life of artist Andy Warhol—both of which enjoyed a run at the Blue Barn Theatre in 2003, and starred Nils Haaland and Hughston Walkinshaw.

Sparber is also a published author of short stories, and has been published in such magazines as Strange Horizons, Suspect Thoughts, and Lorraine and James. His story "Eliyahu HaNavi" was anthologized in the book Strange Horizons: The Best of Year One, and his story "A Gift for Effective Language" is currently nominated for a Pushcart prize.

As an actor, Sparber appeared on the Blue Barn stage in productions including Arcadia, Vieux Carre, and the Rob Urbinati written and directed production of Toxic Avenger: The Musical!, in which he played Melvin, the abused janitor who eventually transforms into the titular superhero.