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Petra Lisiecki

Petra Lisiecki Petra was born and brought up in Hanover, Germany, with an early love for dance, theatre, design, and most of all, travel. She studied in Germany, the United States, and South Africa in dance and architectural design. Ten years of sailing the oceans and traveling the globe culminated in a move to Alaska in 1992.

Petra started her involvement with the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez in 1993. She also worked with Toast Theatre in Anchorage for several years becoming the board´s president until the end of 1996. Petra took up her old love of photography around the same time and has since then exhibited her work in many juried, group, and solo shows in Alaska, the Lower 48, and in London, England. She works mostly in black and white but also some color photography.

She started photographing the Anchorage Opera in 2000 as an on-going project, published a book to commemorate the company´s 40th anniversary in 2002, and recently showed Opera images at Sacks in Anchorage. Petra also works as a portraitist.

Her theatre images are another on-going project with plans of making a second book under way. Her current show, Theatre North, was recently shown at the Valdez Museum and will, after the exhibit at Carr Gottstein Gallery, APU, travel both to Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska, to coincide with the Great Plains Theatre Conference, and later to London, England.

Presently Petra divides her time between Alaska and London.