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Ron Radice

Ron Radice Ron Radice´s first play, Pickpocket, was written in 1969 and produced in Woodstock, N.Y., by the Performing Arts of Woodstock in March 1970. It went on to win awards at various small theater competitive venues.

In 1972, the play was produced by the New York Theater Ensemble in New York City. The play had a successful initial run and was reviewed favorably by a number of newspapers and magazines in New York City. As almost all off-off-Broadway shows were then restricted to a four-week engagement and this production was rerun for another four weeks, it might be considered successful in this arena.

A film script Radice wrote in 1974 resulted in a short film Shoot out on Tinker Street that as a film won some competitive awards in the U.S. and Australia.

He wrote a number of plays through 1976 that were produced or given stage readings. He stopped writing for the theater in 1976 and resumed in 2005. Radice has developed a number of plays since 2005. Radice´s first submittal since returning to playwriting, Won´t Happen Again, was accepted by the 2007 Great Plains Theatre Conference.

His first play, Pickpocket, was produced by an Indie in Florida during 2007 and was accepted at the Fort Omaha Film Conference and went on to win an award in its category of short film.

In August 2007, he was accepted into the Playwright´s Intensive workshop under Arthur Kopit´s guidance at the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, Kansas City, Mo.