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Ronald Rand

Ronald Rand Ronald Rand is a member of the Actors Studio Playwright/Directors Unit. His plays have been performed at several theatres off- and off-off-Broadway, across America at many universities, at the New England Theatre Conference and in Tbilisi, Georgia. He is in the midst of two new works: The Great Society and The Site of Human Life. His plays include Consequences, Ode to the Moon, Upon Hearing the Realm of All Possibilities, The Group! (about the famed Group Theatre world premiere, Northern Illinois University) and Clurman (www.ClurmanThe He created The Soul of the American Actor, America´s only newspaper about the art of the theatre. He currently has a role in new film When in Rome opposite Anjelica Huston, is collaborating with Joan Micklin Silver on the screenplay for a film on The Group Theatre and is the author of the best-selling book Acting Teachers of America: A Vital Tradition.