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Shayne Kennedy

Shayne Kennedy Shayne Kennedy recently fell to position of third tallest in her family of five when her oldest son Cal overtook her rather stealthily. A source close to Kennedy reports her as saying, "All I´ve done for this kid, and he has the nerve to grow?!? This is ridiculous. What´s even more troubling is that his brother and sister seem to have me in their sights as well. Soon enough we´ll look like a family of four giants and a garden gnome." Luckily, she´s still the most produced playwright in the group. Kennedy occasionally works as an audio describer for the visually impaired at theatres such as Steppenwolf and Victory Gardens in Chicago. Her work has been read in Nebraska, New York and Illinois. Kennedy´s play Christmas Cookies was produced this past November by the Angels Theatre Company in Lincoln, Neb.