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Steve Ghent

Steve Ghent As a developing playwright, Steve Ghent was recently selected as a participant in the Kennedy Center National Playwrights Intensive 2007. He has had one play produced, Nine Everyday, at Theatre Charlotte. Stolen Identity was recently selected for publication in Young Women´s Monologues from Contemporary Plays #2, a collection of professional audition pieces for aspiring actresses.

A Campaign of Hate, based on actual events that occurred from the early to mid 1980s, was written and extensively researched to provide historical reference and to show that ´facts´ can change over time. Written in a similar style as an Emily Mann play, the three stories unfold 20 years ago, each seemingly antagonized by the other. A new ´cancer´ provided many politicians the opportunity to exploit a burgeoning epidemic for political gain as shown against the backdrop of the Jesse Helms/Jim Hunt 1984 North Carolina senatorial campaign. The political sentiments carried repercussions into various communities throughout the state and nation.