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Vincent Scott

Vincent has been associated with the Great Plains Theatre Conference and the Last Frontier Theatre Conference for several years. At last year´s conference, Vincent served as a short play lab panelist and assisted Patricia Neal and Joel Vig with their programs. In Alaska, Vincent has directed Tony Kushner´s East Coast Ode to Howard Jarvis, as well as scenes from The Illusion with Marian Seldes and Courtney B. Vance. Vincent stage managed Romulus Linney´s Heathen Valley, coordinated the staged reading of Linney´s Klonsky and Schwartz with Chris Noth, and stage managed Terrance McNally´s master class. All of these projects have been done with his co-producer of many years, Gloria Allen, of GMA Productions.

Vincent has been a director and stage manager for over twenty years. Vince has worked in many types of theater, including musical theater, opera, Native theater, and touring theatre, including tours to international festivals in Hong Kong and Edinburgh, Scotland. Vincent is a currently a producer of Native theater and performing arts at the Rasmuson Theater of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C., where he has produced The Berlin Blues, Sacajawea´s Sisters, Macbeth (in Tlingit), Gunakadeit: An Alaskan Sea Monster Story, El Gueguence, The Captivation of Eunice Williams, The Red Road, Stone Heart, Voicing Tribal Women, Grandchildren of the Buffalo Soldiers, and Pamuri Mahse. He has most recently directed Drew Hayden Taylor´s Someday for Thunder Road Theater of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vincent has a B.A. in Theater and Speech from DeSales University, an M.F.A. in Directing for the Theater from Wayne State University, and an M.A. in Christianity and Culture from Gonzaga University.