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Wayne Lambert

Wayne Lambert All Wayne Lambert ever wanted to do is make a living by working in theatre. He also knew that getting a real job, like accounting, was not possible because of all the Ds and a couple of Fs. He started off as an actor but found that sleeping in his car was too uncomfortable. One night, while being poked with his gear shift lever, he decided to quit being an actor and become a playwright. (Deep down, he knew that acting was something only people with really good teeth could attain.) He worked hard, got an automatic transmission and finally got an M.F.A. in Playwriting from the Dallas Theater in conjunction with Trinity University in 1978 . He then became a lighting designer because writing plays was too hard, and he liked punching buttons. It also helped pay the bills. He has been punching buttons ever since. He´s written about eight, or maybe 50, plays, and most of them are in a shoebox under his bed.