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Part-time contract pay dates for 2013–14

As the Fall quarter approaches, questions often arise regarding pay dates for part-time contracts throughout the coming year. Paydays occur on the 15th and last day of the month, until the assignment is complete. If the pay date falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is made on the last workday immediately preceding the weekend or holiday. All contracts are paid out incrementally throughout the quarter taking into consideration the starting and ending dates of the assignment. The final payment will occur on the payday following the completion of the assignment. Please plan ahead for times between quarters and prior to the start of the next contract cycle where payment has not yet begun. 


Incremental payments for each assignment begin based on the payday range printed on the contract letter; however, the table below represents the full quarter range of possible pay dates for the coming quarters. 



Contracts print

Pay Dates

13/FA 9/16/13 9/30/13 10/15/13 10/31/13 11/15/13 11/29/13*
13/WI 12/13/13 12/24/13 1/15/14 1/31/14 2/14/14 2/28/14
13/SP 3/20/14 3/31/14 4/15/14 4/30/14 5/15/14 5/30/14
14/SS 6/19/14 6/30/14 7/14/14 7/31/14 8/15/14  
(first five-week)
6/19/14 6/30/14 7/14/14      
(second five-week)
7/18/14 7/31/14 8/15/14      

*Pay date is valid only if assignment ends 11/16 or later.


If you have any questions about your part-time contract, call Sally Swanger, assistant to the vice president for Academic Affairs, at 402-457-2449 or  If you have questions about your assignment, contact your academic dean’s office.



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