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Professional development input requested

The IFEX team is looking for your input to help us provide faculty development that is meaningful, useful and relevant. We are committed to providing faculty with as much support as possible, and one of the ways MCC supports faculty is through professional development.

In order to provide meaningful development sessions, we need your help. We realize that adjunct faculty have needs for development sessions on topics that are sometimes different from those of full-time faculty. If you know of a teaching/learning need that can be addressed through a professional development workshop or session, please send your idea to Teri Quick, The IFEX team will use your suggestions to help create faculty development sessions that will be offered during the upcoming year. We also welcome suggestions regarding day of the week and time to offer sessions that will allow more adjuncts to attend. Please take this opportunity to help us make the sessions as meaningful and useful as possible.


Again, send your ideas to Thank you for your input. We are looking forward to a great year with many opportunities for faculty to grow professionally by attending MCC faculty development sessions.




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