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Work schedule guidelines


Over the past year, MCC has been striving to ensure that adjuncts and part-time non-exempt (hourly) staff adhere to the College's operating guidelines governing the hiring and use of part-time temporary employees. With the start of the new school year just a few weeks away, we would like to remind everyone to be mindful of these guidelines as schedules are prepared.


At MCC, adjuncts are considered exempt employees, and their pay is based on the number of credit hours they teach. A formula was developed to convert ECH into hours at the rate of 2.12 hours per ECH. For example, a 4.5 ECH class would equal 9.54 hours per week. With this in mind, the maximum quarterly teaching load for an adjunct would be 13.5 ECH (28.62 hours per week). If, however, an adjunct is also working in another capacity at the College, those hours must be included in the weekly total, which would impact the number of available teaching hours. In a nutshell, the rules are:


If you have any questions about hours, feel free to discuss them with your supervisor.






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