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Academic Affairs Message

A Message from Dave Ho

Enrollment Growth For the record, both total headcount and total credit hours for the current Winter quarter are both new all-time MCC Winter quarter enrollment records. Learn more…

Faculty Corner

New PETS Series Coming!

The IFEX Team is pleased to announce that a newly revised series of PETS courses for faculty development is being launched starting Spring quarter. The PETS courses have been updated and revised to provide more content and learning. Each course will consist of a pre-assignment; a three-hour, face-to-face class; and a follow-up reflection piece. Learn more…

Faculty Development Update

The IFEX Team would like to give you an update on faculty development opportunities at MCC through IFEX, Faculty Learning Communities, PETS course and Instructional Staff Development Day. Learn more…


Sustainable Practices

Sustainability Workshops: Faculty Development Integrate Sustainability into Your Classroom

Food garden The Office of Sustainable Practices is offering a series of free faculty development workshops from now through the end of Spring quarter. Working with funds provided via the Perkins grant, MCC is excited to be hosting experts in various areas of sustainability and environmental education. Learn more…


Student Connections

Calendar Coordination

In a collaborative effort, several departments worked together to coordinate various calendars in order to provide easy access to crucial dates and deadlines for students. Learn more…


Records Department

WebAdvisor Account Reminders

WebAdvisor WebAdvisor is the primary tool for managing class roster(s), WX roster(s) and grade roster(s).

Learn more…


Important Dates

Winter and Spring Important Dates Learn more…


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