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Academic Affairs message

A message from Dave Ho
New associate vice president for academic affairs

Bill Owen began his new role as associate vice president for academic affairs on Dec. 1, 2011. Owen was previously the dean of applied technology and a faculty member at MCC. Learn more…

Now accepting Excellence in Teaching Awards nominations

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 MCC Excellence in Teaching Awards. Learn more…

Academic Affairs Day/Instructional Staff Development Day

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Academic Affairs Day on March 6 and the Instructional Staff Development Day on March 7. Both days offer faculty an opportunity to network, recognize achievements and learn. Learn more…


Counselor's corner

Academic advising services for MCC students

Faculty can help improve student success by reminding students that planning for graduation/goal completion early on will help them reach their goals and perhaps discover new information. Advisors can help students in that planning process. Learn more…


Student connections

College academic services for students

Some of the benefits about being a student at MCC are the free academic resources available to all students. Learn more…


Records department


With Winter quarter halfway over, the Records office wants to share a few helpful tips with you. Learn more…


Important dates

Winter and Spring important dates to remember. Learn more…


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