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Community mural project

MCC is in process of developing a community mural project for spring and summer 2014 that will result in an approximately 3,000-square-foot mural on the south wall of the South Omaha Campus. This project will be the centerpiece of community programming and activities that will be a collaboration among working local mural artist and MCC instructor, Mike Giron; MCC art history instructor, Susan Trinkle; MCC students; Kent Bellows Studio; Joslyn Art Museum; and the greater South Omaha community. The project is supported by the Institute for Cultural Connections, Metropolitan Community College Foundation and is also seeking additional grant funding.


blank mural wallAs it stands today, the wall is uninspiring and lifeless. It is visible to Metro bus passengers, as well as students, staff and visitors using the walkway between the South Omaha Public Library and MCC’s Connector Building, the main service building of the campus. MCC is proud to have a home in this community, and it will be up to the selected artists and participating students to create a mural that honors the nearly 35-year relationship. When completed, the project will result in a high-quality mural reflective of the College’s mission and the South Omaha community while providing students with a hands-on learning opportunity that will engage them in local historical/cultural research, arts entrepreneurship, community engagement and art design and execution.

The project will take place across the Spring and Summer quarters. Giron and Trinkle will team-teach two consecutive courses, both listed as special topics classes: Art in the Community for spring and Mural Painting in the summer. The spring class will introduce students to the greater ideology of public art and how an artist can contribute to the visual culture of the community. This time will also be spent carrying out the conceptual aspects of the mural such as research, design planning and community inquiry. The summer course will be spent executing the mural. Students from MCC, Kent Bellows students and Giron will meet at a variety of locations including Kent Bellows Studio and Joslyn Art Museum, take field trips to see murals and public art around Omaha and the instructors are hopeful that they can pull off a trip to Kansas City to witness their vibrant mural culture.


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