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Tour Expectations

Student Expectations

  • Maintain a respectful attitude for all presenters, students and faculty of the College
  • Come prepared with a positive attitude and be ready to actively participate in all tour activities
  • Have respect for the campus property including all indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Cell phones and other electronics must be turned off for the duration of the tour
  • Be conscious of noise levels and side conversations
    • While speakers present, they should have your full attention
    • As you walk around inside and outside of buildings, keep in mind that this is a school with classes that are in session, and noise can be a huge distraction to students trying to learn


Chaperone Expectations

  • Stay with students at all times and keep an attentive attitude toward students throughout the tour
  • Immediately address and prevent any negative student behaviors that occur on tours
  • Understand that chaperones are responsible for student safety on tours
  • For students under 18, at least one chaperone per ten students must be in attendance (bus drivers do not count)


The Day of the Tour

  • Wear appropriate walking shoes and clothing (expect to do some outside walking on this tour)
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early at the pre-determined location
  • Call at least 24 hours in advance if tour cancellation is necessary
  • Make lunch/snack plans; we are not able to accommodate food requests


Understand that the inability to meet these tour expectations may result in the cancellation of your tour at any point.

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