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Early College

MCC supports a number of different initiatives that bridge between secondary schools and the College so that more and better-prepared students graduate from high school ready for high academic achievement.

Dual Credit Coursework
College-level courses are taught at the high school so students can earn credit toward both a high school diploma and a college degree. Primarily academic transfer courses, these classes support a higher level of academic rigor within the high school curriculum that prepares students for college-level studies.

Career Academies
Now entering its second decade of innovation, the MCC Career Academy offers 28 hands-on programs in a variety of career fields. Courses are offered on campus to help students successfully acclimate to the college environment while still working in cohorts with their high school peers as they complete their program of study. Upon completion, high school students graduate not only with their high school diploma, but with apprenticeship training, skill certifications, and/or significant progress toward an associate degree.

Although MCC offers dual credit and career academy instruction at half the regular tuition rate, some motivated students are not able to participate due to financial constraints — a 2007 Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce study indicated this could be the case for some 42 percent of interested students.

Your help is needed to provide tuition assistance for motivated, talented students to take advantage of these innovative programs that increase college enrollment and completion rates for our youth.

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