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Great Reasons to Give
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Charity Begins . . .
The MCC Foundation connects caring community members with giving opportunities to help them meet their philanthropic objectives. Looking ahead toward the build-out of MCC’s Master Plan, we will have many new exciting giving opportunities to share; the possibilities are endless.

At Home.
Before we can ask others to support our mission, it is important for the family of MCC – faculty, staff, administration and boards – to look inward first. To ask ourselves, “Are we doing all we can do to help our students reach their goals . . . to help each other be successful?”

As individuals, we might not be able to address all the needs that are still out there for our students. But, TOGETHER, our gifts can make a powerful difference.

Annual giving from the MCC family demonstrates a commitment to make positive changes now. It also provides a catalyst to community members who look to us to set the example – to show them that we honor their gifts by giving first ourselves.

Your gift through the Annual Faculty and Staff campaign provides resources to bridge the gap for students who want to succeed academically, at work and at home. The campaign also supports program needs that aren't covered by the general fund. The campaign supports all of us.

Please join us by making a gift today. You can download a pledge card or you may give online to participate. We can even arrange simple payroll deductions that allow you to give throughout the year. Together, our generosity at MCC will continue to advance opportunities for our students who work hard and strive for success.


  • Complete and sign the Pledge Card
  • Return the Pledge Card to the Foundation at FOC #1 by December 16, 2011
  • If you wish, you may direct your gift to one of the existing scholarships and funds listed - or call us at 402-457-2346 to set up a new one
Your Gift... Their Future... Our Promise.

Last year, the Foundation awarded 235 scholarships totaling $147,657. For many of the students who received the scholarship, the scholarship was THE reason they were able to continue their education. Below are a few statements from scholarship recipients that show the impact of your giving:

The scholarship I received changed my life. It began a legacy of learning in my family. I am able to show my 3 year old son the importance of education.
-Martina Geralds, scholarship recipient


I’m the first in my family to go to school and college. Please consider your investment as a debt, something that I will repay back to the community by supporting other students in the future.
-Hasana Bathily, scholarship recipient

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