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Troubleshooting Wireless Connection Issues at MCC
Many wireless connection issues can be fixed by going to a wired PC and doing a google search on the Operating System you use. Like "Wireless adapter settings on vista" etc. Some of the sites have easy to follow directions and screen shots to help you set it up as it needs to be. At the present time MCC does not support 802.11a 5 GHZ. This will need to be changed to 2.4 GHZ.

Problems with the MCC_Guest Wireless network

The following is a list of expectations that a College Guest can expect when connecting to or trying to connect to MCC_Guest Wireless:
  1. To establish and maintain a connection you must be inside a designated wireless building. List of buildings
  2. If you are a student and unable to connect to the Wireless Guest Network please report this to the Help Desk. The College provides multiple workstations designated for Student use at every campus and center. Such as Academic Resource Centers, workstations located close to Student Services Areas and Libraries.
  3. The College Guest Wireless Network is provided to enhance the Student experience at the campuses and centers. The College does not guarantee wireless connectivity as the wireless network capacity can become saturated. The wireless network capacity is monitored and will be enhanced as budget allows.

Wireless Card Not Enabled

Be sure that your wireless card is enabled. Some laptops require you to enable the wireless card by sliding a switch or by using the function keys.

Out of range

The wireless card may be too far from an access point to make a connection. Try moving to closer to the access point.

Network name mismatch

If using the guest wireless network, the network name should be MCC_Guest (case-sensitive).
If using the secure network, the network name should be MCC_Authenticated (case-sensitive). Make sure you have registered your Metro-owned computer with IT.

TCP/IP protocol installed and/or configured incorrectly

You should have the TCP/IP protocol installed, associated with your wireless card, and configured to obtain the IP address automatically.

Device Conflict

Some of the commonly found devices that may interfere with your wireless signal include:
  • 2.4 Ghz cordless telephones
  • Microwave ovens
  • Wireless cameras
  • Wireless video/audio transmissions
Note: This list is not all inclusive; other devices may also interfere with your connection.

Card not seated properly

Make sure the wireless card is inserted all the way into the slot. You may have to press firmly.

More complicated problems

If you know that others around you are able to access our wireless network, but you cannot, then the cause may be a software problem with the driver, a hardware problem with the wireless card, or a conflict with another hardware device. Consult with either the manufacturer of your wireless card and/or computer. If no one appears to be able to access our wireless network, please report this issue to the Help Desk (457-2900).

Note: The college does not support or troubleshoot connecting to non-MCC wireless networks. If you are experiencing problems, please contact your Internet Service Provider.
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