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Anne K. Harter Memorial Scholarship

Anne Kristine Harter
September 12, 1978 - July 16, 2006

Anne Kristine Harter was born in Roseau, Minnesota, on September 12, 1978. The first three years of her life were spent living near Baudette, Minnesota, where her parents operated a fishing resort on Lake of the Woods.

Anne moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1981 with her brother and mother. She attended kindergarten through second grade at Lewis Central. From third grade on, she attended schools in the Council Bluffs Community School District: Lewis and Clark Elementary, Kirn Middle School and Abraham Lincoln High School.

In elementary school, Harter was already known for being herself and having fun every day. In middle school, she was active on a private gymnastics team and was on the school’s track, soccer and volleyball teams. Never the top athlete, she loved being a part of the team and being with her friends.

In high school, Anne was in student council and on the soccer team her freshman year. She left the soccer team to become a cheerleader her freshman and sophomore years and on to the pom pom squad her junior and senior years. She traveled to Germany with her high school German Club in the summer of 1996. The following summer, upon graduation from high school, she spent most of the month of August discovering London on her own.

Harter worked in the food and beverage industry from the time she was fifteen years old. It was always her dream to attend a culinary school somewhere on the east coast. This would have combined two of her loves, cooking and traveling. Instead, she enrolled at Metropolitan Community College in 1997 and majored in Accounting. She was one class shy of earning her associate degree. She went on to hold three different full-time accounting positions, each for less than three months. These positions never captured her interest, and she always returned to the food and beverage industry.

She loved watching the Food Network, scanning old and new cookbooks and cooking gourmet meals for her family and friends while actively pursuing her love of travel. She toured Europe with her mother for three weeks in 1999, traveled to Canada several times on fishing trips and attended concerts in Mexico, Miami, Orlando, San Diego, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Branson, Missouri and Seattle. She attended Chicago Bears football games with her brother Brian as often as possible.

Her life ended suddenly from a tragic fall while she was on vacation July 16, 2006. She was only twenty-seven years old. While her dream of attending culinary school was not fulfilled, I am confident she had no regrets. Every day was a journey filled with adventure for Harter.

The Anne K. Harter Memorial Scholarship Trust has been established to memorialize her and to help her dream become a reality for others by providing scholarships to students pursuing an education in the culinary arts. It is understood that many students require the competitive edge a scholarship will provide to be successful in their careers. Harter's legacy will live on in their lives, as they are able to fulfill their educational goals through these scholarships. In loving memory of Anne: our daughter, sister, fiancée, granddaughter, aunt, niece, cousin and true friend.

The scholarship may be used for tuition, fees and books.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Financial need required
  • Pursuing a degree in the Culinary Arts
  • Completed a minimum of 36 or more credit hours at or above the 1000 level at MCC
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Full- or part-time student

Anne K. Harter

Scholarships are usually offered during the spring and fall quarters. Scholarship availability varies depending on donor giving.