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Jonathan “Jon-Jon” Sherman Memorial Scholarship

Jonathan "Jon-Jon" Sherman

This $1,500 scholarship was established in 2020 by Allen and Dulce Sherman, in memory of their son, Jonathan Andrew Sherman, known to his family and friends as Jon-Jon. He was born on March 18, 2000 and passed away on Sunday, August 30, 2020. Jon’s radiant smile would light up a room. He loved to be comfy – whether it was his favorite blue shorts, pineapple-patterned pajamas, blanket, or even his favorite leather jacket.

He was curious and inquisitive – a good debater with strong opinions in politics, capitalism, the environment, and LGBTQIA+ or women’s rights. He enjoyed supporting small, independent filmmakers and going to his favorite local restaurants. He loved organic mangos, jackfruit, peaches, spinach, and every kind of vegetable you could imagine.

Like his mom, he loved flowers, especially lilies and hydrangeas. He dreamed of owning a farm and growing his own food. His mom loved their deep conversations about life and dreams. Like his dad, Jon was a “gearhead”. He was on a never-ending search for the perfect car and dreamed of owning an old, used luxury car and getting it for a steal. He once drove a brand-new, red Miata convertible and talked about that car forever. His dad loved talking cars with Jon.

Growing up, Jon had unique connections with each of his brothers. Jon often wrestled with Eli at family gatherings. He would stop by Thommy and Taryn’s house unexpectedly to visit and spend quality time as uncle to Grace and Miguelito. Jon looked up to his big brother, Michael, who he would meet up with at Block 16. Jon loved animals, especially his pet, a white tree frog. Jon often could be found walking around with the frog near the family’s backyard pond.

Jon-Jon was selfless, soft-spoken, kind-spirited, mindful, and respectful. He was sweet, kind, gentle and loving. Family was important to Jon, who often held their needs above his own. Jon was patient and generous, and it brought him so much joy to give to others. He had a big heart – he felt things very deeply.

He was deeply loved by his family and friends. What will they miss most about Jon-Jon? Every. Little. Thing.

This scholarship honors Jon-Jon and raises awareness of depression and suicide. All students should be valued on the basis of their abilities, not their disabilities; and everyone should be loved for who they are, and valued for their life’s experience.

This scholarship provides funding for tuition, fees, books, or other expenses such as food, medicine, behavioral, or personal care.

Scholarship Criteria

  • All MCC students
  • Financial need, as determined by MCC Financial Aid through completion of FAFSA
  • Full- or part-time students
  • Available to students with declared majors in Human Services or Automotive programs of study

Scholarships are usually offered during the spring and fall quarters. Scholarship availability varies depending on donor giving.