Court, Jury, Election Duty

Leave with pay shall be authorized for any employee who is:

  • officially required to report for jury duty;
  • subpoenaed in litigation to which he/she is not a party, except litigation to which the employee is a party by reason of his/her employment with the College; or
  • ordered to serve as an election official.

Any payment received for court, jury or election service, exclusive of travel reimbursement and parking fee reimbursement, shall be deducted from the employee's College pay check. Full accounting of payment received will be provided at the conclusion of the leave period through normal supervisory channels.

Requests for court, jury or election service leave must be made on the appropriate College form with additional details and supporting documentation attached. Court, jury and election service leave requires the approval of the respective vice president or executive vice president. 
Procedures Memorandum VI-13

HR contact: Julie Nohrenberg, 531-MCC-2232