Part-time employees may voluntarily participate in the College’s Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA) immediately upon hire, without College match. Part-time employees can tax defer up to percent of salary or the annual IRS limit, whichever is less.

Employee contributions to the Retirement Plan are deducted from each paycheck by salary reduction contributions with "before-tax dollars.” Taxes are not paid on these contributions or the investment earnings until the employee withdraws accumulations from the plan.

Employees may change their retirement contribution once per pay period. To change your retirement contribution, download the Salary Reduction Agreement form.

Important: If a regular part-time Metropolitan Community College employee is contributing at, or close to, his/her annual tax-deferral limit through another employer’s retirement plan, he/she may be at risk of exceeding the tax-deferral limit under IRS code by participating in MCC retirement plan.

The College’s Retirement Plan offers employees the choice between two investment carriers: TIAA ( or Fidelity Investments ( Both companies offer a diverse array of investment options, including the guaranteed TIAA Traditional Annuity, mutual funds, variable annuity investment accounts through TIAA and over 150 mutual funds through Fidelity Investments. Contributions are used to purchase individually-owned annuity contracts or custodial accounts.

When an employee retirees, he/she may choose from several retirement income options including, but not limited to, a lifetime monthly annuity income, systematic withdrawal or a lump sum withdrawal.