MCC holds Minecraft camp for kids

There was some noise coming from upstairs at the Do Space this week. Following the sound led to nearly 40 children strategizing with each other and having a great time playing Minecraft.
But these children weren’t playing Minecraft just for fun. They were all attending Metropolitan Community College’s second session of Minecraft Camp.
Minecraft is a computer game where players go into a virtual world and can build, explore and even battle other players.
“The best way I can describe it is Legos in a computer,” Learn. Create. Build. Academy leader Shane Thomas said. “You can use blocks and build stuff but there is also an adventure mode where you have swords and can battle.”
Learn. Create. Build. Academy is an outside company that MCC teamed up with to put on the camp, education outreach associate Courtney Davis said.
“They travel all around to do different camps,” Davis said. “We have very qualified instructors here who know the ins and outs of Minecraft.”
The camp coincided with several school district’s spring breaks. A total of 39 children were signed up, creating a lively atmosphere.
“The first one sold out within weeks,” Davis said. “With this one, we are exceeding expectations. It’s been quite popular.”
During the camp, children got to log onto Minecraft and play different games and participate in various competitions throughout the day. Thomas said campers got to play a mix of building and adventure games while working in teams.
“Today at this camp, the main purpose is team building,” he said. “They get to do various contests and competitions and they get to know people and work together for a common goal.”
Davis said campers learn how to communicate with one another through technology.
“They’re learning comradery and communication. They’re working with technology and showing the ability to learn and interact in the environment in a fun way,” she said. “It’s so fun to have kids come up and say ‘I can’t wait to Minecraft!’”
Camp-goers had a great time working together on Minecraft, with one boy telling his teammates “It’s not about winning, it’s about having fun.”
Davis hopes that kind of enthusiasm rolls into all of MCC’s summer technology camps during College for Kids.
“It should be exciting,” Davis said. “We tried to roll out a really fun line-up.”
College for Kids camps this summer cover a wide range of tech topics such as robotics, creating a custom video game, coding, app creation and, of course, Minecraft. Many begin in June and run through the beginning of August.
For more information, or to register a child, visit or call 531-MCC-5437.