3/17/2019 7:15:00 PM
Due to flooding in the Fremont area, the Fremont Center classes are cancelled for Monday, March 18th. The Fremont Center will be open on Monday to provide services to students. Classes at all other MCC locations will be held as scheduled.

Welding Tool List

Tools and Supplies needed for Welding Program

Please note: All items will be needed by the second class meeting.

  1. Medium shade, full-face shield and headband (#5 or equivalent)
  2. 1 Arc welding shield Auto Darkening - prefer Red
  3. 1 Clear face shield and headband for grinding
  4. Clear cover lenses for the welding helmet (2)
  5. 1 shop cap
  6. 1 leather or flame retardant cotton cape or jacket
  7. 1 pair of light leather gloves
  8. 1 pair leather welding gloves, gauntlet type
  9. 1 set of tip cleaners (long style optional)
  10. 1 spark lighter
  11. 1 slag hammer (chipping)
  12. 1 wire brush-plain, long handle
  13. 1 pair slip joint pliers
  14. 1 pair vice grips
  15. 1 pair of wire cutters
  16. Boots or high top shoes (no tennis shoes allowed)
  17. Ear plugs
  18. Soap stone
  19. 1 pair safety glasses (with side shields)
  20. Required by law. If you do not have eye protection, no shop work will be permitted.
  21. 12' Tape measure
  22. Adjustable square 12”
  23. Fillet weld Gauges
  24. 3/32 E3 Tungsten 10 PK
  25. Handheld grinder (with 4 cut-off wheels and 4 grinding wheels per quarter)


Matheson, Airgas, Praxair, Harbor Freight Tools, Menard’s, Home Depot, Fastenal, Lowe’s, etc.