Faculty Champions

Spring 2012 Training Program

Application Deadline: Monday, March 26th, 2012, 12:00 noon

Are you looking for something new and exciting to do this quarter?

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Become part of MCC's 2nd offering of its premier training program for up to 8 fulltime or adjunct faculty to become, "Champions Of Entrepreneurship Across The Curriculum".

This grant-funded program sponsored by the Perkins Fund will pay an $800 stipend to support their development of curricula that incorporates entrepreneurship into an existing course or for the creation of a new course in their academic discipline. Faculty (fulltime and adjunct) from all disciplines on campus teaching a for-credit, 1000 level course or greater are eligible.

Entrepreneurship is a Life Skill that encompasses traditional small business startup, but also addresses creativity, innovation, intrapreneurship (also known as corporate entrepreneurship) and social entrepreneurship concepts of all career prep areas. The objective is to embed elements of entrepreneurship by creating and implementing targeted teaching discussions to plant the seed and spark conversation towards entrepreneurial activities customized to the different subjects and needs being instructed at MCC.

Participants selected for the Spring 2012 training program will:

  • Attend three, 3-hour workshops during the spring quarter to work with MCC's Entrepreneurship Team:
    • Workshop #1: Friday, April 6th, 9-12 noon. Campus TBD.
    • Workshop #2: Thursday, April 26th, 9-12 noon. Campus TBD.
    • Optional Curriculum Development Workday: Friday, May 4th, 9-12 noon. Campus TBD
    • Workshop #3: Friday, May 18th, 9-12 noon. Campus TBD. Final Presentations by each participant due.
  • Work with a local entrepreneur from the subject area taught to expose students to real business happenings in the heartland area.
  • Have a personal coaching session with the Entrepreneur Program team to receive customized assistance with curriculum development ideas.
  • Receive The E-Myth, a book by Michael Gerber and a Creative Whack Pack with teaching guide to facilitate innovative thinking in the classroom.
  • Receive up to $100 worth of teaching resources needed to support new curriculum development plans (such as books, videos, etc?.as available through the grant)
  • Create and implement new curriculum introducing elements of entrepreneurship as an opportunity within the skill area being instructed to be implemented on a regular basis starting either the Summer 2012 or the Fall 2012 quarter. New curriculum developed may include:
    • Module discussion with class activity embedded into existing course(s)
    • Creation of a new course or workshop (with Dean's approval)
    • Other: Customized ideas to be approved on a case by case consideration by the grant manager.

Application Process:

Applications for this program will be received thru Monday, March 26th at noon. Participants will be announced no later than Wednesday, March 28th. Submit by email attachment a completed application to Heather Nelson, Entrepreneurship Instructor and Program Manager, at (Application Form)

For additional questions or assistance with molding ideas, please contact Heather Nelson via email at or by phone: 402-289-1376 (office) or 402-690-0957 (cell).

Interested In Seeing What Your Peer Faculty Have Already Been Working On To Embed Entrepreneurship Into Their Specific Areas of Teaching?

Check Out What 3 MCC Faculty have been working on this past year as participants in a similar program ran through the Nebraska Entrepreneurship Task Force to see some great examples from:

  • Susan Healy, Art History / Art Appreciation Instructor
  • Joe Piper, Electronic Imaging Media Arts Program Instructor

"Entrepreneurs Of Tomorrow Are In Our Classroom Today"
- Consortium of Entrepreneurship Education

Faculty Champions of Entrepreneurship Inaugural Class of 2011

Come Join Us! The Faculty Champions of Entrepreneurship Inaugural Class of 2011. (From L-R):

Front Row:

Heather Nelson, Entrepreneurship
Dr. Amy Forss, History
Bill Jefferson, Accounting
Jan McCarthy, Philosophy/Ethics
Shy Meckna, Human Growth & Development
Toni D. Smith, Accounting
Les Tighe, Business
Jolleen Zuk, Culinary
Jen Lambert, English


Back Row:

Bill Beshlian, Technology
Jackie Manna, Human Relations
Susan Healy, Art History/Appreciation
Gregg Pejsar, Photography
Michael Shonka, Solar
Brian O'Malley, Culinary
Daryl Hansen, Dean of Business
Jim Grotrian, Former Executive Vice President