NEET Instructor Summary

Nebraska Entrepreneurship Task Force

Three MCC Instructors participated in the Nebraska Entrepreneurship Task Force training symposium held the first week of June 2011 to learn how to embed entrepreneurship into their skill areas of teaching. The three Instructors and their curriculum plans are below (thanks to each of them for their investment of time and permission to share their work with everyone!).

Susan Healy, Art History / Art Appreciation Instructor

Susan Healy

Susan was interested in making her curriculum more applicable to real-life situations and holding personal relevance in the lives of her students. She often hears students say that they are not "artsy" (especially those that take her classes as electives) or from those studying in the area, "so, what can I do with an art degree?" Teaching to help students discover new creative ways of thinking about diverse topics from new perspectives, Susan was interested in adding the entrepreneurship element into her course(s) for not only student enrichment, but so that they might find a way to incorporate art and design into their life and their livelihood.

Joe Piper, Electronic Imaging Media Arts Program Instructor

Joe has already been a long time believer that the artists/designer's role in our culture is entrepreneurial by nature. That they offer unique perspectives to problem-solving and inventive solutions that improve and enrich our lives. By giving the artist/designer skills in entrepreneurship will give them an advantage in the marketplace creating effective solutions to challenges in industry and culture and that incorporating entrepreneurship into the electronic imaging curriculum is an ideal partnership that will open students to a world of opportunities and discovery.

To view a very in depth and cool video hosted and created by Joe of Omaha animation artist, designer and entrepreneur, Ben Vu, click on the following:


Part 1: Video 1
Part 2: Video 2
Part 3: Video 3

Michael Shonka, Solar Energy Instructor

Micheal Shonka

Michael's vast work in this sector back to the 80s recognizes the need for individuals working within the renewable energy area to find their niche market. With the industry revitalizing in the late 2000s and the race for innovation in energy being forefront, he sees small firms leading the way as was done twenty years ago. But this time, his goal is to implement the many business lessons to be learned into today's curriculum about the business side of this industry. His plans include implementing a market analysis to address topics such as market consideration (demand, cost, price) at the end of his courses for student takeaway.

To view a photostory board video created by Michael of Omaha artist Barbara Schroeder:
Barbara Schroeder video

The MCC Team At The Nebraska Entrepreneur Educator Training Symposium!

MCC Team At The Nebraska Entrepreneur Educator Training Symposium

Front Row (L to R): Susan Healy ? Arts Instructor; Heather Nelson and Liliana Cox ? both Entrepreneurship Instructors

Back Row (L to R): Addie Kinghorn, Landscape/Horticulture instructor; Joe Piper, Electronic Imaging Media Arts instructor; Michael Shonka, Solar Energy instructor; Daryl Hansen, dean of Business; and Eric Bremers, Entrepreneurship instructor

**Special thanks to our very own Addie Kinghorn for being a panelists at the symposium to share with the attending educators about how she delivers a special course on "Landscape Entrepreneurship" to enable MCC's Landscape/Horticulture students to form a business structure within their classroom to couple together their knowledge and skills being learned with business acumen.**