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Reading and Learning Skills



Every student, every learner, needs a solid foundation of reading and learning strategies on which to build success -

in school, in a career, in life

We are the Reading and Learning Skills program at Metropolitan Community College.

We offer the following classes to students to give them a strong foundation on which to build a successful college experience and life experience.

  • College Reading Strategies

  • College Vocabulary

  • Reading Rapidly and Effectively

  • College Success Strategies

  • College Success Strategies for the Health Careers

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Reading and Learning Strategies Department is to strengthen students' basic reading, academic, workplace and life skills through high quality classroom experiences and learning community support systems.

High-quality instruction in reading and learning strategies is necessary in order to give students the skills needed to be successful in the classroom, on the job and in life.  To this end, we are committed and dedicated to providing our learners with a first-class curriculum, as well as providing our faculty and staff with resources that will promote their professional growth.  We aim to provide students with a strong foundation on which to build success.   

Course Descriptions

The current RDLS catalog course descriptions are available online.

Program Faculty

Credit Classes and Registration