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Construction Education

Who We Are

Architectural Design Technology; Civil Engineering Technology; Construction and Building Science; Electrical Technology; Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration; Electrical and Plumbing Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing programs comprise the new Construction Education area. Students may complete career certificates, certificates of achievement and two-year associate degrees in various areas, or just choose a single class depending on their needs.

Opening in the fall of 2017, the new Construction Education Center at the Fort Omaha Campus replicates an authentic job site, where all the construction-related trades work together. This provides a state-of-the-art, rich educational opportunity for students interested in the construction industry areas.

There are programs for the beginning student seeking entry-level employment into the construction-related trades, while advanced skills training opportunities for professionals already in the field seeking to improve their abilities are also provided. Customized training for industry partners needing to advance their workforce can also be arranged.

All programs provide a high quality learning experience, with a hands-on learning environment using the latest technology found in the professions.


Architectural Design Technology
Civil Engineering Technology
Construction and Building Science
Electrical Technology
Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
Electrical and Plumbing Apprenticeships

Department Contacts

Nathan Barry, Dean of Career and Technical Education, 531-MCC-4035
Jacquie Armstrong, Associate Dean for Construction Education, 531-MCC-2691
C. Joann Dorner, CEC Associate, 531-MCC-2129

Apprenticeship Coordinators

Jerry Delaney (Electrical)
Luke Littleton (Plumbing)

Building Trades Faculty

Chris Dyer
Richard Hart
Will Kennedy
Pat Leddy
Stephanie Ling
Laurie Mazur
Robert Nirenberg
Zach Pechacek
Chris Pitschmann
Trevor Secora
Scott Schmidt
Josh Steele
Martin Vaughan
Yuliya Vishnevskaya
Corey Woods