Legal Studies (LAWS)

LAWS 1100
The Paralegal Profession

LAWS 1101
Introduction to Law

LAWS 1110

LAWS 1111
MS Word for the Law Office

LAWS 1230
Legal Research and Writing I

LAWS 1500
Introduction to US Immigration Law

LAWS 1501
Immigration Regulatory Agencies

LAWS 1503
Immigration and Families

LAWS 1505
Immigration and Employment

LAWS 1509
Ethics and Immigration Advocacy and Compliance

LAWS 1581
Service Learning

LAWS 2240
Legal Research and Writing II

LAWS 2320

LAWS 2322
Family Law

LAWS 2323
Employment Law

LAWS 2324
Criminal Law

LAWS 2325
Bankruptcy, Credit and Collections Law

LAWS 2326
Evidence and Discovery

LAWS 2327
Immigration Law

LAWS 2420
Estate Administration

LAWS 2421
Insurance Law

LAWS 2422
Law of Corporations

LAWS 2900
Special Topics in Legal Assistant

LAWS 2981
Internship I

LAWS 2982
Internship II

LAWS 2985
Internship Immigration Advocacy