Criminal Justice (CRIM)

CRIM 1010
Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRIM 1020
Introduction to Corrections

CRIM 1030
Courts and The Judicial Process

CRIM 1140
Reporting Techniques for Criminal Justice

CRIM 2000
Criminal Law

CRIM 2010
Introduction to Probation and Parole

CRIM 2020
Legal Issues in Corrections

CRIM 2030
Police and Society

CRIM 2050
Principles of Interviewing

CRIM 2120
Community Based Corrections

CRIM 2150
Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice

CRIM 2190
Police Field Services

CRIM 2220
Correctional Client

CRIM 2260
Criminal Investigation

CRIM 2300
Community Relations

CRIM 2310
Rules of Evidence

CRIM 2320
Correctional Facility

CRIM 2330 
Introduction to Forensic Crime Scene Investigation

CRIM 2400
Introduction to Homeland Security
CRIM 2900
Special Topics
CRIM 2960