Fire Science Technology (FIST)

FIST 1000
Principles of Emergency Services

FIST 1020
Fire Behavior and Combustion

FIST 1030
Hazardous Materials Chemistry

FIST 1040
Principles of Property and Casualty Insurance

FIST 1050
Building Construction for Fire Protection

FIST 1060
Occupational Safety Health for Fire and Emergency Services

FIST 1070
Fire Protection Systems

FIST 1080
Fire Protection and Water Supply

FIST 1090
Fire Fighter I

FIST 2000
Incident Command System

FIST 2010
Fire Investigation I

FIST 2011
Fire Investigation II

FIST 2020
Fire Prevention Building Inspection and Codes

FIST 2030
Legal Aspects of Emergency Services

FIST 2040
Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival

FIST 2050
Introduction to Fire and Emergency Services Administration

FIST 2060
Strategy and Tactics

FIST 2069
Hazardous Materials Awareness

FIST 2070
Hazardous Materials Operations

FIST 2071
Hazwoper for the Industry

FIST 2080
Hazardous Materials Technician

FIST 2090
Fire Fighter II