Health Information Management Systems (HIMS)


HIMS 1111
Healthcare Careers

HIMS 1120
Medical Terminology I

HIMS 1130
Medical Terminology II

HIMS 1150
Introduction to Medical Law & Ethics

HIMS 1180
Disease Processes

HIMS 1210
Medical Office Communications

HIMS 1212
Microsoft® Word for Medical Office  

HIMS 1250
Medical Office Management

HIMS 1310
Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology

 HIMS 1410
Introduction to Insurance

HIMS 2110
Principles of Management in Healthcare

HIMS 2155
Fundamentals of Pharmacology

HIMS 2400
Introduction to Coding and Billing

HIMS 2420
Coding and Billing I

HIMS 2430
Coding and Billing II

HIMS 2910
CPC Exam Preparation

HIMS 2920
CPC-H Review

HIMS 2980
Medical Office Application

HIMS 2981