Design, Interactivity and Media Arts (DIMA)

DIMA 1110
Digital Design: Raster

DIMA 1120
Digital Design: Vector

DIMA 1200
Illustration I

DIMA 1220
Character, Narrative and Storyboard Development

DIMA 1230
Drawing for Electronic Media

DIMA 1240
Character Design I

DIMA 1305
Concept Development

DIMA 1310
Typography I

DIMA 1315
Graphic Design Basics

DIMA 1320
History of Graphic Design

DIMA 1325

DIMA 1400
Game Design Fundamentals

DIMA 1410
2D Animation and Compositing I

DIMA 1411
History of Animation

DIMA 1450
Design for Motion Graphics I

DIMA 1455
Introduction to Stop-Motion Animation

DIMA 1500
Web Design

DIMA 1510
Interactive 2D Design I

DIMA 1520

DIMA 1530
Designing with Wordpress

DIMA 1540
Mobile App Design

DIMA 1600
Introduction to the Game Industry

DIMA 1620
Introduction to 3-D Modeling and Animation

DIMA 2200
Illustration II

DIMA 2210
Electronic Illustration

DIMA 2220
Dimensional Illustration

DIMA 2300
Logo Design and Branding

DIMA 2310
Information Design

DIMA 2350
Typography II

DIMA 2351
Package Design

DIMA 2352
Publication Design

DIMA 2410
2D Animation and Compositing II

DIMA 2450
Design for Motion Graphics II

DIMA 2500
Web Design Partnership Project

DIMA 2510
Interactive 2-D Design II

DIMA 2620
3-D Character Development

DIMA 2625
3D Modeling for Animation and Games

DIMA 2640
3D Lab

DIMA 2700
3D Game Development

DIMA 2810
Portfolio Development

DIMA 2820
Web Design Portfolio Development

DIMA 2840
Projects Development

DIMA 2900
Special Topics in DIMA

DIMA 2981