English (ENGL)

ENGL 0950
Reading and Responding

ENGL 0960
Fundamentals of College Writing

ENGL 0990
Composition Studio

ENGL 0995
Applied Communications Studio

ENGL 1010
English Composition I

ENGL 1020
English Composition II

ENGL 1220
Technical Writing

ENGL 1225
Applied Communications I

ENGL 1230
Business Writing

ENGL 1240
Oral and Written Reports

ENGL 1245
Applied Communications II

ENGL 1310
Creative Writing

ENGL 1311

Poetry Writing Studio

ENGL 1312
Fiction Writing Studio

ENGL 1313
Creative Nonfiction Writing Studio

ENGL 1320
Introduction to Publication

ENGL 2210
Grant Writing

ENGL 2215
Creative Writing Capstone

ENGL 2450
Introduction to Literature

ENGL 2460
Introduction to Short Stories

ENGL 2470
Introduction to Women's Literature

ENGL 2480
Introduction to Dramatic Literature

ENGL 2481
Introduction to Dramatic Literature II

ENGL 2490
Introduction to Latin American Literature

ENGL 2510
American Literature I

ENGL 2520
American Literature II

ENGL 2530
Ethnic Literature

ENGL 2610
British Literature I

ENGL 2620
British Literature II

ENGL 2900
Special Topics in Literature

ENGL 2901
Special Topics in Writing

ENGL 2902
Special Topics in Creative Writing Studio