Interior Design (INTD)

INTD 1100
Illustration Techniques for Interiors    

INTD 1210
Foundations for Interior Design

INTD 1220
Residential Design

INTD 1230
Kitchen and Bath Design

INTD 1260
Color Theory

INTD 1310
Fundamentals of Textiles

INTD 1320
Interior Finishes and Materials

INTD 1410
History of Architecture and Interiors

INTD 1420
History of Furniture

INTD 2100
Room Rendering

INTD 2200

Digital Design Principles
for Interior Designers

INTD 2250
Commercial Design

INTD 2520
Professional Practice

INTD 2900
Special Topics in Interior Design

INTD 2940
Interior Design Capstone

INTD 2981