Theater (THEA)

THEA 1000
Introduction to Theatre

THEA 1110
Theatre Technology I

THEA 1120
Theatre Technology II

THEA 1130
Theatre Technology III

THEA 2010
Script Analysis

THEA 2020
Fundamentals of Acting

THEA 2021
Fundamentals of Acting II

THEA 2030
Playwriting I

THEA 2031
Playwriting II

THEA 2040
Movement for the Actor

THEA 2050
Voice for the Actor

THEA 2150
Stage Rigging

THEA 2160
Principles of Stage Lighting

THEA 2170
Stage Management

THEA 2200
Arts Administration

THEA 2900
Special Topics in Theatre

THEA 2920
Theatre Practicum

THEA 2981
Cooperative Study

THEA 2982
Cooperative Study II

THEA 2983
Cooperative Study III

THEA 2984
Cooperative Study IV

THEA 2985
Cooperative Study V

THEA 2986
Cooperative Study VI