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Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Entrepreneurship serves a very important role in the U.S. economy. Business start-ups develop, organize and manage new ventures where the purpose is to make a profit in compensation for the assumed risk. Some entrepreneurship opportunities involve entirely new products and services whereas others focus on packaging and marketing existing goods and services in a new or unique way. Typically starting out as small businesses, these organizations contribute to the overall number of jobs and vibrancy of the economy.  


New business start-ups tend to increase and decrease with the business cycle. Before ever beginning their business, successful entrepreneurs typically have conducted marketing research evaluating market factors such as potential customer base and competition. They also strive to have a good understanding of legal issues that may impact their business including local, state and federal regulations and laws. Financial considerations, including venture capital and taxation are relevant topics to the entrepreneur as well. A good business plan is important to the entrepreneur as they are exploring the feasibility of beginning and growing their business.  


For current information regarding income and careers in entrepreneurship, see
the Bureau of Labor Statistics page.



ENTR 1050  Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENTR 2040  Entrepreneurship Feasibility Study

ENTR 2050 Marketing for the Entrepreneur

ENTR 2060 Legal Issues for the Entrepreneur

ENTR 2070 Taxes and Financial Topics for the Entrepreneur

ENTR 2090 Entrepreneurship Business Plan

ENTR 2700 Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship

ENTR 2900 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship

ENTR 2981 Internship

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