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Human Resource & Workplace Skills


Helping all individuals reach their full potential is central to MCC's mission. The College has a long tradition of offering developmental education services that assist students who are at a pre-college level attain the skills necessary to be successful in college-level coursework. This focus is emphasized through Literacy and Workplace Skills' commitment to student success, student-centered learning and teaching excellence.


The mission of Literacy and Workplace Skills is to strengthen students' basic literacy, academic and workplace skills through high-quality classroom experiences and learning support.

Today's workplace requires a new kind of worker, one who possesses not only technical skills but also the ability to problem solve, think critically, work in a team environment and be a life-long learner. Courses in Workplace Skills focus on helping students communicate more effectively, think creatively and develop strategies for personal and workplace success.


  • Career and Learning Strategies (WORK 0200) - helps students acquire skills related to career awareness and choice, learning and study skills, basic skills enhancement and other strategies

  • Career Planning (WORK 1230) - covers career pathways, values, clarification of interests, skills assessment and using career and College resources.

  • Learning Anxiety (WORK 1250) - helps students address issues such as test and math anxiety.

  • Introduction to Microcomputer Technology (WORK 0900) - introduces students to essential technology skills in basic microcomputer components and functions, computer-based technologies, file management and word processing basics.

  • Employability Skills (WORK 1400) - allows students to enhance their interpersonal skills, improve their ability to work in teams, learn to communicate effectively, think creatively, use problem-solving techniques and explore competitive job-seeking strategies.

  • Secrets of Business Success (WORK 1410) - provides an in-depth look at the soft skills and self-management skills needed to provide effective customer service and support in all workplace environments.

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills for the Workplace (WORK 1420) - introduces students to the basic concepts of interpersonal communication and enhances their ability to use effective interpersonal communication skills.

  • Employability Skills for Process, Power and Energy-Related Fields (WORK 1401) - introduces students to energy-related industries, employers and the unique employability skills required to succeed.

  • Orientation for International Students (WORK 1011) - provides an introduction to the facilities and services at MCC and guidelines for living,  studying and working in the United States and Omaha, Nebraska.


  • Tammy Madsen
    Ed.D., M.B..A., B.S.
    Course Areas: BSAD Mgmt/Mktg 1000/2000 level