Metropolitan Community College - Communications
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11/25/2020 3:00:00 PM

We look forward to supporting you this quarter. Most MCC education and training courses will remain online or remote, reserving campus use for face-to-face and blended sections that involve significant hands-on learning. More info


MCC offers a number of English options to satisfy transfer degrees and general education requirements.

MCC offers one Liberal Arts transfer degree in Creative Writing

MCC offers three Career certificates in Communication.

  • Global Perspectives (GLPCC)
    Students earning this career certificate increase their knowledge of global and cultural issues, fulfilling the need to understand and facilitate intercultural interactions for careers in today's increasingly global environment.

  • Professional Communication (PRCCC)
    This certificate prepares students to communicate more effectively in a variety of professional settings.



Program Faculty

  • Sana Amoura

  • Sam Anderson

  • Kristen Clanton

  • Liz Kay

  • Gene Kwak

  • Steve Lovett

  • Sarah Lihz Staroska

Class Schedules