Career Outlook

Why consider a career in financial planning?

Here are just a few reasons!

Financial Planner business man
  • Increased investment by businesses and individuals is expected to result in faster-than-average employment growth (increase 21-35%) of financial advisors through 2010. This occupation will benefit as baby boomers save for retirement and a generally better educated and wealthier population requires investment advice.
  • In addition, people are living longer and must plan to finance more years of retirement. The rapid expansion of self-directed retirement plans, such as the 401(k) plans, is expected to continue. Most of the money in these plans is invested in mutual funds.
  • As the number of mutual funds and the amount of assets invested in the funds increases, mutual fund companies will need increase numbers of financial analysts to recommend which financial products the funds should buy or sell.
  • Growth in retirement plans will also increase demand for personal financial advisors to provide advice on how to invest this money. The median annual earnings of personal financial advisors were $55,320 in 2000. source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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