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Legal Studies


The Paralegal program is approved by the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Paralegals.

What is Legal Studies? (LAWS)

Legal studies include coursework dealing with legal ideas, legal institutions and the legal process. Depending upon the program selected, graduates may be seeking advanced education to become a lawyer or seek employment in a law, business or government office working under the supervision of a lawyer. In either case, the law office provides an intellectually stimulating, challenging and fast-paced work environment.

Is it for you?

Those pursuing education in legal studies will need to have or develop strong skills in reading, writing, oral communication and critical thinking, as well as related skills such as research and problem solving. It is also helpful to be detail-oriented. Paralegals are often members of a legal team working with and for the client. The student should possess strong technological and computer skills.

Jobs and Salary expectations

Because paralegals are assuming more duties performed under the direction of lawyers, there has been steady growth in the legal studies career field. The average salary for a paralegal with one to five years experience is $54,859. The average total compensation (salary and bonus) for paralegals in the Great Plains is $51,000.

Paralegals and Legal Administrative Assistants who are bilingual find employment opportunities to be excellent.

In addition, the Legal Studies program offers a pre-law option which may be used to pursue advanced educational opportunities.

For information regarding Metropolitan Community College graduates working in Nebraska legal studies, visit MCC Working In Nebraska Legal Studies.

LEGAL STUDIES - programs

Immigration Law
Legal Secretary
Legal Administrative Assistant
Paralegal program

legal studies degree options

  • Paralegal Option (LSPAO) - associate in applied science, prepares graduates to perform basic legal research and supporting memoranda and draft legal documents

  • Pre-Law Option (LSPLO) - associate of applied science, prepares students who are interested in pre-law or similar courses of study at four-year institutions 

  • Paralegal Accelerated Certificate (LSACC) - certificate of achievement, prepares paralegals for entry-level employment in law-related occupations including public and private law practice or corporate/government activities related to law

  • Immigration Laws, Policies, and Procedures (IPPCC) - NEW! career certificate, prepares students for careers in non-governmental organizations, local and federal government agencies, private and public institutions and businesses.  The Immigration Laws, Policies, and Procedures career certificate is not an option for the education of paralegals

​Paralegal Program

The Paralegal Program has special admission requirements. Students may register for The Paralegal Profession, LAWS 1100 and Introduction to Law, LAWS 1101 courses without admission. Approval by program director is required for entry to all other courses. After completing the Paralegal Program Application, formerly the Legal Assistant Program Application, you will meet with a faculty member for program entry approval.

Students are advised to work closely with program director to make sure that they are registered for classes at the most beneficial time for graduation from the program. Students should not complete all of their general education requirements before starting the Paralegal program.

See the Paralegal Program PowerPoint Presentation for more information. (The file is quite large, so it may take a moment to load in your web browser.)

Program Faculty

Andrew Sagartz,
J.D., M.B.A., B.S.
Course Areas: BSAD 1100, 1110 & LAWS 1000/2000 level 
531-622 -2805

Credit Classes and Registration