Criminal Justice

What is 'Criminal Justice? (crim)'

Criminal Justice refers to the structure, functions and processes of those agencies that deal with the management of crime – the police, the courts and corrections. The content of criminal justice studies comes from a variety of disciplines, including criminology, criminal law, criminal procedure and constitutional law.

The duties of a Criminal Justice professional vary. Some specific tasks that may be performed within the Criminal Justice tracks include: uniform patrol duties, criminal investigations, vice/gang/narcotic investigations and traffic enforcement.

‚ÄčIs It For You?

If a career in a criminal justice field is your objective, Metropolitan Community College's Criminal Justice program offers a wide variety of options that will enable you to meet your goal within two years. Individuals considering a degree or employment in the criminal justice profession must be aware of strict employment qualifications. Criminal Justice agencies carefully scrutinize candidates in order to select those who will maintain the public's trust and confidence at all times.

Jobs and Salary Expectations

With a degree in criminal justice, you will have the education and skills to work in a profession that has some of the most demanding, exciting and personally rewarding opportunities in the world. The salary, healthcare, vacation and retirement programs rank among the best. Labor Bureau studies show a solid growth rate in the criminal justice field.

Program Faculty

Diane Sjuts, MS - program director, traditional program
Bobby Polk, MA/MS - program director, online program
Charles Fairbanks, MA - instructor
John Whalen, MS - instructor

Program descriptions

  • Corrections (CJCNO) - associate in applied science, covers probabation and parole, homeland secruity and more
  • Law Enforcement (CJLEO) - associate in applied science, prepares students for roles in classifying adult and juvenile inmates in prison, supervising probationers, completing pre-sentence investigations for the court and more

Credit Classes and Registration