Practical Nurse (LPN)

What is a Practical Nurse? (PN)

Practical nurses care for the sick, injured, convalescing and handicapped under the direction of physicians, registered nurses and/or other healthcare practitioners. Students who successfully complete the PN program and the subsequent NCLEX-PN examination through the State Board of Nursing can practice as an entry-level PN in the United States.


The Associate Degree Nursing and Practical Nursing programs are approved by the Nebraska Board of Nursing.

Is it for you?

As a PN, you will provide basic bedside care and monitor patients' vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration. PNs also keep records, assist with patient care planning, perform first aid and CPR, and sterile and isolation procedures. It is a career in the healthcare field that offers personal satisfaction and job stability.

Jobs and Salary expectations

PNs may work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, patients' homes, educational institutions, camps, industries, government agencies and correctional institutions. They generally work 25-40 hours per week. Evening, weekend and holiday hours are common, and shifts may rotate. Salary and compensation varies per setting.

Program Faculty

Program Descriptions

  • The Practical Nursing program at Metropolitan Community College is a one-year, certificate program that combines classroom instruction, laboratory experience and clinical practice to prepare you to care for patients in a variety of settings. Successful graduates of the PN program may continue their nursing education and earn their Associate of Science in Nursing degree to become a registered nurse.

Credit Classes and Registration

Registration for the PN program is done through the nursing program. Students cannot self register for nursing classes. Students applying for the PN program must meet with an advisor to submit an application. An appointment with an advisor can be made by contacting the MCC Call Center at 531-MCC-2400.

PN Application packet