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The humanities can be described as the study of how people interpret and document the human experience. Since human culture emerged, we have used philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history and language to understand and record our world. Study of these records of human experience gives students the opportunity to feel a sense of connection to those who have come before us, as well as to our contemporaries in our local, national and global communities.


The Humanities Department engages our students in the study of the Humanities through these four prefixes: Humanities (HUMS), Music (MUSC), Philosophy (PHIL), and Speech (SPCH).

The Humanities empowers students to embrace independent thinking, social and cultural competency, information literacy, interpersonal and professional communication and critical reasoning.

Our mission is: a student-centered approach for learning, internalizing and evaluating artistic diversity through theoretical and practical knowledge.


HUMS is the prefix for humanities classes, including:

  • HUMS 1000 - Humanities through the Arts

  • HUMS 1100 - Classical Humanities

  • HUMS 1110 - Origins of the Humanities

  • HUMS 1120 - The Humanities in the Medieval - Renaissance World

  • HUMS 1130 - The Humanities in the Modern World

  • HUMS 1150 - The Humanities in the Non-Western World

  • HUMS 2310 - Film History and Appreciation

  • HUMS 2900 - Humanities and World Cuisine

MUSC is the prefix for music classes, including:

  • MUSC 1050 - Music Appreciation

  • MUSC 1110 - Music Fundamentals

  • MUSC 1120 - Intermediate Music Fundamentals

PHIL is the prefix for philosophy classes, including:

  • PHIL 1010 - Introduction to Philosophy

  • PHIL 1030 - Professional Ethics

  • PHIL 1100 - Critical Reasoning

  • PHIL 2030 - Introduction to Ethics

  • PHIL 2200 - Introduction to Comparative Religions

  • PHIL 2400 - Philosophy and Literature

  • PHIL 2600 - Contemporary Issues in Philosophy

  • PHIL 2900 - Special Topics in Philosophy

SPCH is the prefix for speech classes, including:

  • SPCH 1110 - Public Speaking

  • SPCH 1120 - Argumentation and Debate

  • SPCH 1220 - Communication in Small Groups

  • SPCH 1300 - Interpersonal Communication

  • SPCH 2900 - Special Topics in Communication


Cindy Catherwood. humanities
Laura Chambers, humanities
Andrea Lang, humanities
Andrea Iaccheri, speech
Kambiz Jamshidi, speech
BonnieJean Kurle, philosophy
Janet McCarthy, philosophy
Cindy Stover, speech
Mary Umberger, speech