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Pool Garden

MCC's Arboretum

MCC's Arboretum is comprised of several venues located throughout the 70-acre campus. Among them is the Pool Garden.

Pool Garden

The "Pool Garden" was designed around the swimming pool previously used by the soldiers at Fort Omaha.

In 1984, Building 10 was completed and MCC's Horticulture Department was asked to plant vegetables and annuals around the building and in the former pool garden area. The Grounds and Maintenance Department provided help to break up the concrete bottom and fill it with soil, peat moss, sand and other media. The pool was filled by 1985 and annuals and vegetables were planted there for two years. In 1987, Horticulture Department students drew up designs to complete assignments for their Landscape Design class and began working the garden in the Landscape Operations class. This garden has been an on-going project ever since.

The Pool Garden has provided resources for many student classes and outdoor classrooms. The perennial classes plant and study the flowering perennials. The annual classes plant annuals each summer and maintain the entire Pool Garden until summer courses end. Shrub classes use this area for their pruning and identification labs. Biology courses also use the Pool Garden to inspect different aspects of plant material and also collect insects.

The Pool Garden is enjoyed by the many visitors to MCC, as well as the student body and faculty members. A picnic shelter is provided next to the garden area for all to enjoy.

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