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Power Equipment Technician

Outdoor Power Equipment Technician Career Certificate (PSOPE)

Catalog Details: Outdoor Power Equipment Technician (PSOPE)

Award: Career Certificate

Program Location: South Omaha Campus

Graduation Requirements: 24.5 credit hrs.

Students learn how to maintain, troubleshoot and repair outdoor power and lawn equipment. Students will perform services on
modern products using specialty tools and factory test equipment. Students will also learn how to plan and perform repairs
according to manufacturers' recommended procedures.

New Core

  • PSPT 1000 - Basic Engine Principles I 4.5 Credits
  • PSPT 1100 - Introduction to Powersports Electrical Systems 4.5 Credits
  • PSPT 1110 - Introduction to Powersports Fuel Systems 4.5 Credits
  • PSPT 1300 - Outdoor Power Equipment 4.5 Credits
  • PSPT 1310 - Engine Service and Rebuild 4.5 Credits
  • PSPT 2900 - Special Topics in Powersports and Outdoor Power Technology Variable Credits