Information Technology

Who We Are

The Information Technology and E-Learning department provides the highest quality, technology-based services and courses to facilitate the College's mission as it applies to the management, teaching and learning of faculty and students.

Our Mission Statement

The Information Technology and E-Learning department enables the College community to realize the role of technology in transforming higher education in the 21st Century.

  • Provide support to our customers' needs; faculty, students, staff and business community within a reasonable time and in a respectful manner. We listen to and value each member and intend to work together to contribute to an atmosphere of professional growth, job satisfaction, leadership and an overall positive educational experience.
  • Provide innovative, contemporary and accessible technology in computing to enable faculty and students to effectively meet their goals as a learning community.
  • Implement new technologies and improve the quality of instruction that we offer.
  • Promote and develop partnerships within the Metropolitan community area.
  • Develop a community that is adaptable to technological needs.
  • Support the use of information technology to enable academic innovation in teaching and learning.

Our Programs

Health Technology

Computer Transfer Programs

Information Technology Program

Office Technology

Versatilist Information Technology

Critical Facilities Operation (Interdisciplinary Degree)

Department Contacts

Dr. Tom Pensabene, dean, 531-MCC-2676

Candi Otterpohl, associate, 531-MCC-2502

Program Faculty

Health Information Management Systems Faculty (HIMS)

Mary Cantwell
Janice Hess
Karen Fowler
Carol Widman

Health Information Technology Professional Faculty (HITP)

Michelle Rule

Health data and Information management (Hdim)

Dawn Goodsell
Kelly Hajek

Information Technology Faculty (INFO)

Bill Bowers
Jamie Bridgham
Art Brown
Christopher Chisholm
Gary Gilbody
Mansel Guerin
Jonathan Jones
Tania Kuisma
Linda Lutz
Pam McCloskey
Michael Miller
Laurie Olberding
Patrick Phillips
Alan Reinarz
Guillermo Rosas
Hugh Schuett
Greg Smith
Gary Sparks
Lian Ti
Ted Tucker
Mary Vorpi

Office Technology Faculty (INFO)

Rebecca Connor

Gainful Employment Information

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose a variety of information for any financial aid eligible program that "Prepares students for Gainful Employment in a recognized occupation." The following are Gainful Employment program(s), meaning they are certificate program(s) that are intended to lead directly to employment. We hope that this information is helpful to our current students and to prospective students as they make their career and educational choices.

Server Technician (ITSRO) - Certificate of Achievement
Security Technician (ITSTO) - Certificate of Achievement
Data Center Technician (ITCCO) - Certificate of Achievement
Cisco Certified Network Associate (ITCCC) - Certificate of Achievement
Computer Programming ( VCPCE) - Certificate of Achievement
Business Intelligence Systems (VBICE) - Certificate of Achievement
Microcomputer Electronics (VMECC) - Certificate of Achievement
Unix/Linux Operating Systems (VUXCE) - Certificate of Achievement
Customer Service Representative - (PSCSD) - Certificate of Achievement
Microcomputer Office Applications (OTMCE) - Certificate of Achievement
Versatilist - Full Stack Web Development (VFSCC) - Career Certificate
Versatilist - Business Intelligence System (VBICE) - Certificate of Achievement
Versatilist - Computer Programming (VCPCE) - Certificate of Achievement
Versatilist - UNIX/Linux Operating Systems (VUXCE) - Certificate of Achievement